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Darryl Coker/President/CEO
As the Artist's guild we are
 involved in helping with the planning, coordinating and organizing the career of the artist.
we are also involved in advising the artist on some matters  related to their musical career we advertise and promote the artist in every avenue of advertising we also have a partnership with DISC MAKERS once we get the CD we go out and hit the streets to sell the artist brand, we will do whatever it takes to get the artist known,News ad's billboards Comcast advertising, print ad's live CD sells with the artist signing CD'S we will look at all avenues of advertising to get that artist known. so if you need help call Biting Dogs Entertainment Corp.  
                                                    "ARE YOU READY" 
                                       GET OUT THERE GET NOTICED!
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Con Funk shun- Fun (Live)
Live At Sinbad Show
                COMING 2015
  The Biting Dogs Dance Team!
      Let Music In Your Heart
                  All Music!
 Don't limit yourself to just one                         sound
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